Welcome to Starnotch Costumes

We are creators using fabric for personal requested garment designs and alterations. Achieving the ideal look is the ultimate goal for us for our clients and we’ve been serving the Niagara region for over 2 decades. As well, you’ll find some of our work in Toronto, New York and LA.

Let us perfect or design your dream dress. Whether you are a Bride, Bridesmaid, Graduate or even a Flower girl the body doesn’t need to fit the dress. The dress needs to fit the body. What drives us is seeing the change of expression on our clients faces from the first fitting to the last. When the perfect fit is achieved it lets off a show of confidence worth a thousand smiles.

For a different type of Glam we also offer competitive dance wear and competitive body building suits presently with an output of approximately 300 costumes per year.

Garment design is only one of our creative areas. Also available is Home decor such as custom cushions, pillows and drapery. We love to freshen up your living space and provide you with a styled home that is uniquely yours.